Sofar Warsaw – March 2016

sofarAre you bored of regular concerts in clubs, the venues full of people, sometimes lacking intimacy with the band? So you should certainly get familiar with the Sofar concept. “Sofar sounds – from a room” is an initiative born in London, of snug gigs in unique spaces all around the world. Gigs that bring the magic back to live music.

Last Friday, two of the too many fireworks team, Monika and Monika, attended Sofar’s most recent show in Warsaw. This time it wasn’t a typical Sofar venue, a flat or a house, it was PROM in Saska Kepa. The reason for this was simple, the bands and their needs required a bigger space; and on this night – as every other night – Sofar was host to 4 great bands.

First was KAMP! with 3 new songs from their last album, Orneta.

After a complete change-over, the atmosphere chilled out as the audience was treated to classically arranged songs and covers by Bemine. Continuing the chilled theme, the third, cool, performance was Hania Rani & Dobrawa Czocher; some melancholy with pretty instrumental accompaniment on cello and piano.

Kicking us back into a party mood, the closing band was a powerful, electronic duo – Bass Astral & Igo; a project born from the band, Clock Machine.

It was an excellent night of music with a perfect blend of classical music and electronic beats. Without any doubt Sofar was shown to us as an amazing initiative and we hope there will be many more such events in Warsaw.