Our Best of 2015

Our wee label relaunches in January with new bands, new events, new ideas, new schemes, and a lot of excited / stressed / pale (*delete as appropriate) faces. The relaunch brings with it a new too many fireworks blog which we hope will become a collection of short “how to” guides for aspiring bands, artists, labels, managers, promoters, and anyone else who might want to do what we do. We won’t pretend our suggestions are the only suggestions, but we hope they’ll help. More on that in the new year.

For now though, we wanted to open the blog with a collection of collections. We asked our new bands, our new team, and the first signings to our management agency off-shoot, for their best records of 2015 and here’s what they gave us.

The Frozen North

The Frozen North continue with the label into 2016 and will be one of the first two bands to help relaunch Dialogues, the label’s split 7″ singles series, with Dialogue six in Spring. The band split their list between them and here’s what they chose.


Those Who Dream By Day

We invited TWDBD to play alongside two touring Russian bands earlier in Autumn and when we saw them play, we were smitten and asked them to join the label. We were delighted that they agreed. TWDBD will be releasing an e.p. in 2016 with a view to further fun in 2017.


Jón Þór

Jón Þór has been a friend to the label since 2008 when he and Neil met in a couchsurfing adventure during Iceland Airwaves. He released his debut album a few years back and an absolutely astounding indie-pop single, Stelpur, this year. He’ll record a new e.p. in 2016.



We’ve known Graham from Pelts for a long time, back from his time in The Ocean Floor, and when we heard the band’s single, Ghostie, we realised they would be a perfect addition to the label’s roster for next year. Pelts will record an e.p. in 2016.


Neil Milton

Next is a guy who’s both artist and team. Neil started too many fireworks in his parents’ kitchen in 2001 and has held it together with sticky tape and enthusiasm ever since. In 2010, he released his debut solo record, Elements and in 2014 released the remix album of his widely acclaimed Skies / Seas e.p.s.


Agnieszka Olek

Agnieszka joined the band that would become the Frozen North in late 2013 and played with the guys until the end of 2015 when she left the band to pursue other interests that include her business, a small independent music and music business school formerly known as Dźwiękownia. Aga joined the too many fireworks team in late 2015.


Monika Kozmin

We met Monika in 2014 at the European Music Fair at Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science. She was excited by the idea of the IndieTalks industry events that Neil had been suggesting he wanted to create in Warsaw. Well, it took us a year to get that happening but IndieTalks begins in 2016 and Monika joins the team.


Monika Wichrowska

Monika Kozmin wasn’t alone when she came to visit the too many fireworks stall after the panel discussion at the music fair, alongside was Monika W. When Neil called Monika K to come join the team, Monika W was invited too, and we’re delighted to have both of them involved.


Julita Siemieniuk

Julita and Neil met at one of Aga’s school’s classes. See how it all fits together? Julita was a fan of too many fireworks through the releases of the Plug&Play records and wanted to get involved, so we asked her to and we’re very happy she is.


Shivers & Shakes

And finally, in 2016, too many fireworks decided to expand their services and create an offshoot management agency. The first band to sign on were the Frozen North by default really, but only a month or so ago, we took on the excellent noise-folk band, Shivers & Shakes. You can here their excellent self-released e.p., Love Above Storms, here.