My Experience of Scores #2 – Sonia pisze piosenki

webposterPlaying at the most recent “Scores” event was the one of the most interesting experiences for me, since I started to perform as a musician, all because of the unique and special form of this show.

Imagine that you’re going to a concert of your favourite band, but it’s not only the music that excites you. The artist’s behaviour, the moves, the mannerisms, the gestures – all of this is also important to you. You even pay attention to the way the band are dressed.

At Scores, though, you see none of this because you don’t see the musicians at all; performing – as they do – behind a curtain as the audience watches the film projected in front of them.

“Scores” is an event that places the music and the movies up front, that gives them centre stage – and this can bring many beautiful impressions.

At “Scores” I played with my lovely friend Kasia Golomska, known from the band, Lilly Hates Roses. We both chose the movie together and composed the music. The movie was not an easy choice but finally we decided on the 1966 Vera Chytilova film, “Daisies”. It was a great choice as the Czechoslovakian film-making and our music nicely fit together and the audience seemed to respond well to it.

So far, we’ve had 2 editions of the “Scores” event and it’s been exciting to see so many people attend each one. This is nothing strange, of course, as not only can you hear new compositions by some of your favourite artists but also be introduced to movies you may have never known before.

Next time, if you have a free evening, don’t stay at home, go to “Scores”.

Sonia 🙂