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IndieTalks #3 W drodze

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Pardon, To Tu
Pl. Grzybowski 12 / 16
Warszawa, Mazowieckie Poland
513 191 641
Too Many Fireworks

IndieTalks is a independent music industry discussion and salon event, conceived by too many fireworks and partnered with Radio Kampus, that takes place 4 times a year in the Pardon, To Tu club in Warsaw. Each event has an over-arching topic and features an “indietalk” by an industry figure elaborating on an idea or concept they’d like to share; a panel discussion involving several other guests relevant to our topic; and an audience workshop to get attendees talking, collaborating and working together. The event is for both industry figures, and for music fans interested in how things happen.

Our third event was themed “W drodze (On the road)” and we looked at how artists might work together with bookers, promoters, and press to tour DIY.


Piotr Radio – Doing it yourself?
radioit3radio, as he is known, is developing his project “Komuna Muzyczna” and in his talk, rather than “Do it yourself”, he will discuss the concept of “doing it together”.

Radio is the tall guy you’ll often see at concerts around Warsaw, the guy with the beard and the torn shirt. He is an aspiring journalist when time permits – he spent several years working with Radio Aktywne – and is truly an idealist at heart. He is a big believer in collaboration and cooperation and hopes to inspire others to be more involved in Poland’s cultural life. Komuna Muzyczna brings together DIY bookers and promoters from Poland and neighbouring countries to make touring easier for smaller bands.

Panel Discussion

On the road

In our third panel, our guests discussed how musicians, bands, and artists may work together and with local organisations to successfully tour on a DIY budget.

Our guests for IndieTalks #3

Michał Hajduk

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-20-06-55Michał has been promoting music since 2001 and worked previously for Klub Aurora, Firlej in Wrocław, and Wet Music production where he gained experience as the curator of a festival, and A&R manager and a tour manager for bands. Since 2008, he has worked for the Adam Mickiewicz Institute promoting Polish culture across the world. He is the curator of the jazz and alternative music departments and has co-organized many events, showcases, and conferences under the name “Don’t Panic! We’re from Poland”.

Małgorzata Dębecka

gosiait3Małgorzata has worked in the Warsaw music scene since 2008. She has worked for Warsaw Film Festival, organising and promoting events, film, and music; and for Gutek Film she was involved in promoting film music. For 6 years she worked as artistic manager of Hydrozagadka and during this time organised hundreds of concerts. Małgorzata is also co-founder of Cool Management, and a booker for the Hocki Klocki venue. In 2016, she founded Pogłos with friends, and they took over the old CDQ venue.

Paulina Jarysz

paulinait3Paulina is a young artist manager, from Poznań, currently managing Swiernalis. Her passions are music and travel so she does her best to combine the two as often as she can. Paulina also works for the Polish record label, Kayax.


Michał Wieczorek

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-20-06-44Michał is a mainstay on the Warsaw music scene and is often found moderating such panels. He writes for Gazeta Magnetofonowa magazine and the Uwolnij Muzykę! website, while also having his own music blog, “Na obrzeżach”.


Radek Sternbauer

stubsit3Radek is a well known figure in the Warsaw DIY scene. Musically, he is a member of both The Stubs and The Drip of Lies and he’s the figure behind the “Dancin’ Shoes” concert booking venture. He has toured Europe with his bands and so will provide us with much useful information and interesting stories, we are sure. Radek is also a key figure involved in the Pogłos venture.