What’s in a name? In the case of VLMV, many oblique things. Ostensibly a self-proclaimed ‘ambient-ish post-something” duo from the southern reaches of London, VLMV were recently known as ALMA until several cases of mistaken identity with a green-haired Finnish pop princess necessitated a gentlemanly branding rethink.

Now they have – not quite literally – flipped their name upside down and come up with VLMV, which is still pronounced ‘ALMA’. Or if you want to be an enunciation enthusiast, ‘Uhl-muh’.

Formed in 2015 and fronted by songwriter Pete Lambrou VLMV released their debut mini album via Fierce Panda Records in August 2015, along with ‘Remixes & Reworkings’, a digital overhaul of their esteemed debut album, shortly after.

Joined by fellow Code In The Clouder Ciaran Morahan, VLMV deploy loop stations, multiple delay pedals, piano and strings to create a slow-moving, high-flying soundscape of luscious gravitas which has been described by The Independent as “Breath-taking in its scope and evoking imagery of the vastness of space…a shimmering soundscape of delicate ethereal beauty.”

Quite fittingly, VLMV take their name from the Atacama Large Millimeter / submillimeter Array – “a really bloody powerful telescope”.

Stranded, Not Lost



Praise for VLMV

“Building atmospheric and quietly epic soundscapes that creep up on you unannounced….like a beam of light through a dark, cold night.” – Lauren Laverne BBC6 Music

The duo create an expansive, lush, vivid aural foundation for Lambrou’s angelic falsetto vocals. Alma create a shimmering soundscape of delicate ethereal beauty. Breath-taking in its scope and evoking imagery of the vastness of space with titles such as Cosmonaut and To The Stars, Alma aim to transport the listener out of their surroundings with their evocative, haunting music.” – The Independent

An often breathtaking collection of movement and song, ALMA have crafted something truly special here” – Gold Flake Paint

This is a new act worth your attention” – Big Cheese (9/10)

This is the perfect record to look up at our immense sky at night and wonder what’s out there” – Music & Riots

With sparse piano and gentle vocals, underpinned by sonourous bassy synths, this is a track that manages to be atmospheric and vulnerable in tandem. – Killing Moon