Troika was born on Halloween 1999 when three North Lanarkshire friends joined with a tall, dapper musician and singer to play odd, “angular”, shambolic, and – at times – fun post-punk and post-rock music. For the next 5 years, Troika became a small, loud ingredient of Glasgow’s indie music. The record label, too many fireworks, was born from the band’s desire to self-release their first record; and so the Missing Passport e.p. was presented to the world. Not long after, the band were the first to appear on the label’s acclaimed “Dialogues” series of split 7” singles. In the words of an email sent to the band back in 2006, the band didn’t split up; they “just melted like a blue ice-pole in the sun”.

Paul Agnew – Drums
Andy Bonar – Vocals / Guitar
Neil Milton – Guitar / Vocals
Iain Murnin – Bass / Vocals

Dialogue one
The Missing Passport e.p. +6