Laeto remain one of our all time favourite releases on too many fireworks and for good reason; their second album, Zwoa, is a tour-de-force of victory rock. The band formed in late 97 by four friends at Glasgow at Dundee University and played their first show in 1998. We first saw them in the Marryat Hall in Dundee supporting Idlewild and then we were hooked. In the time between first and second albums, the band made a change from slint-influenced post-rock to a heavier, more technically impressive sound reminiscent of Van Halen or early Metallica. Sadly, the band’s drummer, Robbie, passed away in 2014 after a battle with cancer. In 2016, we dedicated our label’s retrospective album to his memory.

Kevin Black – Bass
Robbie Cooper – Drums
Fraser Simpson – Guitar / Vocals
Andrew Smith – Guitar