Back in the early days of the label, I was introduced to two members of the newly defunct band Saigon High Chair Pirates; Gavin Thomson and Joe Howe. While Gavin went on to join Flying Matchstick Men and then Findo Gask; Joe had his own ideas and, under the moniker “Germlin”, began recording what he referred to as “ultra short attention span punk electronic music”. In 2004 (we think), Germlin played a show at Glasgows “Sub Club”. To give away to people at the show at the Subby, he recorded an 8-bit soundtrack to a fictional video game – Adventurer’s Companion Vol. 1, and he did so, for the most part, on a Nintendo Gameboy. In 2010, we found this record and asked if Germlin would like to give it a proper release and thankfully he agreed. Joe still makes music as Germlin.

Adventurer’s Companion Vol. 1: