• Troika / Trundle Wheel
  • Dialogue one
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    • Troika / Trundle Wheel - Dialogue one
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    • 01:┬áTroika - Catkin
    • dl_bandcamp
    • 02:┬áTrundle Wheel - TW1.0
    • dl_bandcamp
    • 03:┬áTroika - Catkin (MLG remix)
    • dl_bandcamp
    • 04: Troika - Catkin (welcome to Hell remix)
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Liner Notes

Dialogue one was the first in a series of limited edition split 7″ vinyl releases and was the first too many fireworks release proper. Side A featured label manager, Neil’s band Troika and their regular gigging mates, Trundle Wheel. As an experiment, members of Trundle Wheel remixed the Troika song and a couple of these are available as bonus downloads.

Troika are, unfortunately, no more, however, Neil and Andy are working on other projects. Neil is Too Many Fireworks’ label manager, plays in the Frozen North, and composes modern-classical and film music. Andy joined Q Without U as bass player and also performs with the phenomenal Second Hand Marching Band.