• The Frozen North
  • Origin / Electric Mistress
  • 2mf018


    • Origin / Electric Mistress
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    • 01: Origin
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    • 02: Electric Mistress
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    • 03: Origin (Neil Milton Remix)
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Liner Notes

Warsaw post-rock instrumentalists, the frozen north, release their debut single, the tremendous “digital double A-side” Origin / Electric Mistress. Origin is a slow-burning, instrumental epic that builds from sparse, pretty violins and ends in blast-beats and explosions of distorted guitars. Electric Mistress, named after the Electro- Harmonix guitar effect pedal, has a more immediate, almost ominous beginning – the picked harmonics of the guitar contrasting with the pizzicato strings on the previous track – and builds to a cathartic end. The single is brought to a close with a remix of Origin by the band’s guitarist – and too many fireworks founder, Neil Milton.