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Liner Notes

On 7th May 2015, Scotland voted overwhelmingly for the anti-austerity, welfare-protecting, migrant-welcoming, NHS-defending, trident-abandoning Scottish National Party. The majority of the UK, however, voted for another 5 years of the Conservative Party and their ideologically driven cuts to services and welfare.

In the 5 years the Tories have shared a coalition with the Lib-Dems, those forced by circumstance of these cuts have had to turn to food-banks to feed their families and in fact this year, 1 milliion families in the UK are fed through the food-bank charities – and there are stories of people dying because their disability benefits were taken from them and they could not feed themselves or heat their homes.

Given plans for another 8 billion welfare cuts were announced during the recent general election campaign, it seems the Tories have no plans to curtail their cuts and while the richest get richer, the people in dire need of support and care will be left without it.

Yesterday, after rehearsal, I was messing around with noise, feedback and guitar effects and I recorded some of my improvising. This afternoon, I realised that while it’s niche-as-fuck, I decided to upload it and sell it on bandcamp for a couple of quid – or even more if you can donate it.

Every penny will be collected and donated to my home town of Airdrie’s local food-bank.

For many people in Scotland (and in the UK) these are going to be 5 long years and I would ask, humbly, that even if noise music isn’t your thing, donate.

If you’d rather donate directly to a food-bank near you, you can find out more at www.trusselltrust.org