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  • Pieśń o początku świata
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    • Pieśń o początku świata
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Liner Notes

“Pieśń o początku świata” (2mf024) is the second in Giorgio Fazer’s series of compositions for two guitars, electronics and voice; and is the precursor to the forthcoming album – “Gorzki to chleb jest polskość”.

All tracks for the album relate to work by various Polish poets. The band has described the poetry as having helped them find the lyrical nature, the sensuality, and a variety of interpretation that has helped them develop this first piece of work. The most important link, however, is the building of mood, of contemplation, and of asking questions that do not have simple answers: Who are we? What do we live for, and What does it mean to be Polish?

Artwork collage created by Ewa Wójcicka