• Flying Matchstick Men / The Hector Collectors
  • Dialogue Two
  • 2mf003


    • Dialogue two
    • dl_bandcamp

    • 01:┬áThe Hector Collectors - Celebrity World War
    • dl_bandcamp
    • 02: Flying Matchstick Men - Kids! Revolution!
    • dl_bandcamp
    • 03: Kids! Revolution! (u-mafia remix)
    • dl_bandcamp
    • 04: Kids! Revolution! (Neqtunes Nervosa remix)
    • dl_bandcamp
    • 05: Kids! Revolution! (Germlin Book You remix)
    • dl_bandcamp

Liner Notes

Dialogue two was the second in a series of limited edition split 7″ vinyl releases and the first too many fireworks release not to feature label manager, Neil Milton.

Side A featured lanarkshire small-town-satirists The Hector Collectors and on Side B, a band that were to become Glasgow legends, Flying Matchstick Men.

Following on from a previous experiment, Flying Matchstick Men and friends remixed their song, Kids! Revolution! and a couple of these are available as bonus downloads.