Päfgens – Tinyold Hands (2mf022)

webpostpafWe are very happy to premiere the new album by Slovak duo, Päfgens; Tinyold Hands (2mf022). The 8 song album is out now and is available on CD, cassette tape, and both digital download and streaming across a wide variety of online services including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Tidal.

With “Tinyold Hands”, Päfgens have crafted a recording imbued with the ambience and character of quiet wilderness, undeniably assisted by field recordings made over glacial icelandic landscapes. The album is a perfect snapshot of Päfgens’ sound; recorded live, as it was, to analog tape and mixed with these delicate and subtle field recordings that add to the band’s sonic toolbox. It is a beautiful collection of atmospheric, and emotionally affecting songs marked with instantly recognisable chorus-effected bass, reverb-soaked guitars, and 80s-inspired alt-pop melodies.