Päfgens is duo, a couple in music and in life. Coming from Slovakia, currently living in Berlin, their music is moving with them.

Jana and Filip enjoy playing and recording their songs, getting inspired by field recordings and lo-fi approach. In Bratislava Filip played bass in the post-rock band The Ills, together they used to organise concerts and have been active in the music label Exitab. But only after moving away from all of their activities, they discovered, they like to create and play music on their own.

Dreamy shoegaze meets subtle, almost whisperish vocals and post rock bass lines, relics from Filip´s previous postrock music project The Ills.

Quite productive in their naive folk simplicity, since 2013 they self-released one album What Happened to Erich Zederkoff? and two EPs Golo and Der verpasste Zug nach Berlin.

Päfgens have been actively supporting artists in Warsaw and they shared stage with various projects from Zero Absolu, Moriah Woods, Rosa Vertov, Atariame to The Holydrug Couple.