Flying Matchstick Men


For the first half of the first decade of this new millennium, Glasgow’s Flying Matchstick Men were true Glaswegian indie and electro-pop superstars. Not entirely household names, but if you were a part of that little Glasgow scene, you certainly knew Graham “fucking” Peel. The band began as an outlet for Graham’s songs, spent some time as a shambolic indie band with a strong DIY ethic, releasing the Sleeping Songztq – an album of in-the-studio “remixes” produced by friend and future bass player, GRNR; before (post too many fireworks) taking on a more produced and polished feel. Still one of the best live bands you could see in Scotland around that time.

Graham Peel – Vocals / Synthesiser
Ross Clark – Guitars
Mark O’Donnell – Drums
Becky Manson – Vocals
Gavin Thomson – Bass / Vocals

Dialogue two
The Sleeping Sonqztq