Päfgens – Tinyold Hands (2mf022)

webpostpafWe are very happy to premiere the new album by Slovak duo, Päfgens; Tinyold Hands (2mf022). The 8 song album is out now and is available on CD, cassette tape, and both digital download and streaming across a wide variety of online services including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Tidal.

With “Tinyold Hands”, Päfgens have crafted a recording imbued with the ambience and character of quiet wilderness, undeniably assisted by field recordings made over glacial icelandic landscapes. The album is a perfect snapshot of Päfgens’ sound; recorded live, as it was, to analog tape and mixed with these delicate and subtle field recordings that add to the band’s sonic toolbox. It is a beautiful collection of atmospheric, and emotionally affecting songs marked with instantly recognisable chorus-effected bass, reverb-soaked guitars, and 80s-inspired alt-pop melodies.

Jón Þór – Frúin í Hamborg (2mf021)

Jón Þór - Frúin í Hamborg (2mf021)We are excited to announce the forthcoming e.p., “Frúin í Hamborg” (2mf021), by Icelandic songwriter and musician Jón Þór. The 4 track e.p. will be released on 10th November 2016 and will be available on 180g heavy vinyl and digital download from a wide variety of stores including iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and our own website. It will also be available to stream on Spotify, TIDAL, and Apple Music among other services.

With the forthcoming e.p., Jón Þór has returned to his first love; jangly, guitar-heavy scando-pop with choruses that weld themselves to your brain. Much like on his debut album, he crafts his lyrics in Icelandic, giving him more confidence to explore fragile lyrical themes, and here Jón Þór wears his heart very much on his sleeve, spinning a story about repeating the same mistakes.

“Stelpur digs into the essence of being young, desperate and lovesick in the midst of the whirlpool of a drinking binge in the Reykjavík nightlife” (Straumur). “Einmana Menn” follows the the after-effects; regret and loneliness. “Ég er á Vesturleið” is about rejuvenation and a need to escape, and the title track, “Frúin í Hamborg”, is about losing grip, finding delirium and sinking deeper though finding light in the most unlikely of places. Musically the e.p. follows this journey and is upbeat, ebullient, summer indie pop music.

A new member of the family

13233315_10153783205258402_55820094_nWe are delighted to announce that the Slovakian-born, Warsaw-dwelling duo, Päfgens are joining the too many fireworks family. The band, made up of Jana and Filip, write and record beautiful, quiet, shoegazy guitars with whispery vocals and melodic bass tied together by subtle field recordings. The band have self-released three records – an album and 2 e.p.s – and will release their already-recorded 3rd on too many fireworks later this year. Since moving to Warsaw they have shared the stage with various projects from Zero Absolu, Moriah Woods, Rosa Vertov, Atariame and The Holydrug Couple. You can hear more from the band here.

Welcome to too many fireworks, guys!